Hi, I'm Austin Miles.

Self-driven, quick starter, passionate programmer with a curious mind who enjoys solving complex and challenging real-world problems.


Hi, I'm Austin! I'm a computer science student at Brown University who enjoys problem-solving and coding. I always strive to bring 100% to the work I do. I have mostly worked with C/C++ and Java in my studies. On my own time I am researching things IoT, Linux OS, and anything Computer Systems related. I am passionate about developing new and interesting Computer Systems that have a real-world impact!

  • Spoken Languages: German, Japanese
  • Programming Languages: C, C++ (proficient); Go, Java, Python (experienced)
  • Tools & Technologies: Bash, Git, Linux, Latex

Looking for an opportunity to work in a challenging position combining my skills in Software Engineering, which provides professional development, interesting experiences and personal growth.


Head Teaching Assistant
  • HTA for CSCI0170
  • Lead a team of 17 teaching assistants (with 3 others) to support 150+ students in learning introductory computer science
  • Redesign course projects and interact with project code to realign the material with ever-changing course goals
  • Coordinate staff meetings to gather teaching assistant and student feedback, communicate next steps with the course, and organize our teaching methods once a week
March 2022 - Current | Providence, RI
Systems, Programmer, Operator, Consultant (SPOC)
  • Manage and maintain the computer science department during nights, holidays, and weekends for at least 5 hours a week
  • Upgrade the CS department software and systems
  • On-call for acute problems, like file system downtime, power outages, or network issues
May 2022 - Current | Providence, RI
Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
  • Developed course content for CSCI0170 and CSCI0200 (introductory CS courses) along with in-depth revision of Class Projects
  • Held weekly lab and office hours to assist students with debugging and conceptual understanding
  • Tested class project code and developed handouts to prepare for assignment releases
  • Spent 4 hours each week offering students feedback and criticism on their assignments
Sep 2021 - May 2022 | Providence, RI


music streaming app

Simple Operating System Based off of Early UNIX

  • Tools: C, QEMU, fsmaker
  • Developed a primitive thread scheduler with a one-to-one kernel thread to process model which allows processes to run
  • Coded a tty driver with a functional line discipline along with 2 simple memory devices (/dev/null and /dev/zero)
  • Added in a Virtual File System which supports multiple system calls common to UNIX
  • Implemented S5FS, a file system based off the original UNIX file system
  • Integrated virtual memory into the codebase. THis included developing data structures and adding in code to manage userspace processes
django web app

Networking Stack and Simple Router in C

  • Tools: C
  • Constructed a link layer (layer 2 of OSI) by encapsulating IP packets in UDP
  • Created a router like node for the network layter. It implements RIP, packet forwarding, and packet delivering to allow a collection of nodes to talk to each other by referenced RFC 791
  • Database implemented as a binary-tree with fine-grained locking
  • Coded the TCP protocol to allow 1MB files to be sent reliably between two nodes by referencing RFC 793
music streaming app

Music Streaming Server in C++

  • Tools: C++, TCP and UDP
  • Implemented a simulated radio station that streams out data to specific UDP ports in Linux
  • Established a TCP server and client connection which both follow a reusable network protocol
  • Built a multi-threaded backend in which the server supports multiple "station" threads that send out data to clients
Screenshot of web app

Simple search engine coded in Scala

  • Tools: Scala, Java Libraries
  • Implemented basic indexer and querier that is space and time efficient with extensive use of hashmaps
  • Uses Google's PageRank algorithm with the ability to suggest files based on certain inputs
  • Supports reading in information from formatted XML files
Screenshot of  web app

Interactive computer terminal coded in C

  • Included extensive error checking so user input does not crash Shell
  • Supports various builtin commands: cd, cat, rm, ln, exit, echo. While also support linux processes via path name
  • File Redirection symbols work in any order
  • Jobs and processes can be controlled through terminal with control of user-sent signals







Brown University

Providence, RI

Degree: Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science
GPA: 3.8/4.0

    Relevant Courseworks:

    • Computer Systems
    • Linear Algebra
    • Data Structures and Algorithms