beep boop :D, I'm Austin

I love all things computers, whether it be systems, linux, graphics, or video games!

My passion when programming is working in lower level languages working on cool computer systems: previously, I've worked on operating systems, computer networks, and some fun computer graphics projects.

I'm currently a Junior at Brown University pursuing a Sc.B in Computer Science. Outside of computers, you can find me reading or cooking some (hopefully) delicious food.

Programming Languages:

  • Proficient: C/C++
  • Intermediate: Java, Go, Typescript + React, Python, ARM/x86 Assembly
  • Proficient: Linux, Git
  • Intermediate: Bash, G Suite, Wireshark


Head Teaching Assistant for CSCI0170
Brown University Dept. of CS, Mar. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Being a Head Teaching Assistant (HTA) for Brown's CS department meant that I gained a lot of experience leading and running a course with the professor and fellow HTAs.

We lead a team of 19 TAs to support the ~150 students taking CSCI0170, an introductory course in CS. I helped redesign some of the course projects and helped some TAs write some needed code. Lastly, I helped coordinate staff meetings which to communicate our next steps with the course with the UTAs.

Systems, Programmer, Operator, Consultant (SPOC)
Brown University Dept. of CS, May 2022 - Present

SPOCs are the undergraduate assistants for the System Administrators (technical staff) of Brown's CS Department. We essentially have the capabilities to do anything a System admin can do. We manage any tickets sent to the problem email and assist with the maintenance of Department hardware and software. Additionally, we monitor the department systems on nights, weekends, and holidays. A further description can be found here

Being a SPOC has been a wonderful time! We are really given the chance to learn a lot about Linux and general System Administration. I've had the chance to respond to many tickets and work on many projects. For instance, I helped out the the department's local VM image: CS Home Edition. Additionally, I've helped setup the backend for websites and added the ability to have any machine you login to know the desktop environment (gnome, xfce, etc.) you used at the last machine.

Teaching Assistant: CSCI00170, CSCI0200, CSCI1670/1690
Brown University Dept. of CS, Sep 2021 - May 2022; Jan. 2023 - May 2023

CS TAs at Brown truly care about the work they are doing. Someone becomes a TA because they loved taking a course and want to learn more, but, more importantly, they want to help the future students taking the course

During my time as UTA, I've held weekly lab and office hours for students. I've test class projects and prepared assignments to be released. I've even spent the grueling hours grading student assignments. Ultimately though, I love interacting with students and teaching them about topics I'm passionate about.